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This page was last updated on January 29, 2001

Many have had the opportunity to meet with other friends they have found at the Trixie Belden Message Board - and we've spent hours chatting and e-mailing each is your chance to see each other!

Just added our Ninth Round of Photo's with pictures of more of our Trixie Friends!

Also, added: Trixie Friend's Birthdays!

Want to see previous pictures posted? Check this out!

Here's the first group of pictures!  (07/99)
Here's the second group of pictures! (07/99)
Here's the third group of pictures!  (08/99)
Here's the fourth group of pictures! (08/99)
Here's the fifth group of pictures! (09/99)
Here's the sixth group of pictures! (03/00)
Here's the seventh group of pictures! (07/00)
Here's the eighth group of pictures!(06/00)

Some of our Trixie Friends have pictures on their web sites:(all linked with permission)
Ohio Trixie Meeting (August 2000) (Via Sue's Web Page)
Tweety's Convention 2000 Page w/ Pictures (September 2000) (Via Barb aka Tweety)
Fredricksburg Meeting (Oct. 2000) Via Heather M!)
Texas Trixie Meeting 3 (Dec. 2000) (Via Karen C's Blog Sea Poup)
Michigan Gathering (Dec. 2000) (Via Stephanie H's Web Page!)

Want to see the "real" Sleepyside?

Susan Bruch visited Ossing, NY and took tons of pictures! So.... - Check out Susan's Trip!

Please feel free to send me as many pictures as you like. If you want to send pictures of your family, etc. Those are welcome, too.  I need them in a .gif or .jpg format! OR if you have Trixie Pictures loaded on YOUR web site, drop me a line and I'll add a link!
A big thanks to Zap for setting up the Trixie Belden Message Board it's been great way for many to make some new friends.
PLEASE remember if you are getting together with other Trixie Fans, TAKE PICTURES! Think how much fun we could have figuring out who is who in a group shot!!!
If you don't have access to a scanner or digital camera, please e-mail me! I now have a scanner and would be happy to give you a snail mail address!

Notes & News: Thanks to everyone for their support of this page. It's been a ball getting to see everyone. I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding. Let's get this page rolling again - send me those pictures, and when you meet up with a Trixie Friend, please do remember you camera.

To be included on the 10th round of pictures, please have your picture to me no later than March 1, 2001!

Thanks everyone!


Also, for anyone who may not know, I also run "The Other Side of Trixie Belden". This site has stories geared towards a more mature audience, so if you are interested in visiting and reading some of the great stories there, please feel free to e-mail me for the address. My only requirement is that you are 18 years old or older J

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In celebration of Trixie Belden!

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